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Dongguan Tianyao Hardware Industrial Co.,Ltd 
Founded in 2003, TianYao Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.(hereafter referred to as TY), as a industry-funded domestic enterprises, specialized in the production of precision magnesium alloy die-casting, aluminum alloy die-casting. Though over decade years of development, a set of R&D and manufacturing facilities have been established ranges from materials, molds, product to drilling and tapping, machining, spraying (dusting), and testing. TY is now growing steadily and rapidly as for its quality management and international integration, with ISO and TS16949 certificated, which is leading the magnesium and aluminum die-casting production, technology research and development and product application industry.
TY main businesses covers communications, electronics, sports equipment, photographic equipment, fishing gear, lighting, power tools, etc. As of 2010, TY have more than 10 sets of die-casting machines ranging from 130 tons to 800 tons, which can basically meet the die-casting of small and medium-sized products. Equipped with mold processing machines, such as CNC machining center, wire cutting, mirror spark machine and CNC Lathes, etc., TY create high-precision die-casting molds according to the requirements of customers. TY corporate with many well-known domestic enterprises and the top 500 customers in the world like Peugeot, TTI, Pellenc, lenovo, Zhuzhou CSR, ZTE, BYD, Foxconn, Jarden, Hezheng automotive electronics, ARC, HSAE... the products are exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions across the world.
TY industry matures and steadily and rapidly develops under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Yu. And more aggressively, TY people unite as one learning-oriented enterprise, with the culture of integrity, pragmatic, diligence, meticulous, technological innovation to strengthen cooperation with the internationalized enterprises. Heading the goal of internationalization of management, scientific management and enterprise specialization, TY will share a success story with the majority of users, shareholders and related parties. 
Currently, the corporate business has been on a fast-growth track to another achievement that will make greater contribution to Chinese industry. Welcome you and your colleagues to visit our company and establish business relations.

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Contact person: Yu Jingang (Manager) Mobile phone: 13686179058
Tel: 400-641-6755

Add: Shangzhong Road, Shangdi Villiage, Liaobu Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

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