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Magnesium alloy die casting should pay attention to safety

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safety casting for magnesium alloy

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In the production process of magnesium alloy die casting, very pay attention to safety problem, the improvement of magnesium alloy die-casting safety awareness has been, about the fire safety in the process of magnesium alloy die-casting and attention points, from safety, mg alloy ingot preheating to magnesium alloy die casting machining operations.

First, mg alloy ingot preheating before melting

Because of the magnesium alloy ingots with porosity, crack, and surface oxidation, the above characteristics and moisture, so in the process of storage and transportation due to relative temperature changes, magnesium alloy ingot can absorb moisture. So before the melting magnesium alloy ingot preheat to 150 degreeor more to remove moisture.

Second, the safety protection

To be sure: magnesium alloy ingot, die casting and surface treatment of parts only to achieve the initial melting point above happen will happen. Burning magnesium alloys have a dazzling white light, the flame temperature of 3900 , and therefore is very important to comply with the requirements of the security system and fire extinguishing and all operators must be trained before mount guard. (this article reprinted die casting net)

1, the basic condition of personal protection is engaged in magnesium alloys operations, in general, the following protective equipment is the basic protection magnesium alloy die casting products:

(1) the uniform

(2) the helmet

(3) face shield

(4) insulation asbestos gloves

(5) fire protection clothing (heat above 700 )

(6) safety shoes

Operating personnel before work, must wear protective supplies, according to the requirements of the above did not wear protective supplies don't get close to operating area, can't operate.

2, should be avoided in magnesium alloys melting area storing cylinders, necessary puffing on the floor should be stored in the fire protection materials.

3, should prepare necessary breathing apparatus.

4, should use fire prevention materials, melting area of floor materials shall be heat resistant and not bibulous, because ordinary cement overflow will release the moisture in the metal, it is recommended to use brick and special cement

5, alloy ingot, dross, debris and the storage of milling magnesium powder should follow:

A, alloy and easily combustible materials are stored separately.

B, due to the heat, and the risk of spontaneous combustion, wet processing chip drying, containers should be placed on a well-ventilated, dry naturally.

C, the transport must be well ventilated.

Three, die-casting

Die casting is magnesium alloy production good method, can high productivity in the production of complex thin-walled parts, compared to aluminum alloy with lower mould wear and tear. In the process of the die casting should pay attention to:

1, regularly check the punch, not leak, otherwise may be an explosion and cuts.

2, mould release agent to blow dry, otherwise may produce splash or cuts.

3, not the cylinder injection mold release agent, otherwise may produce splash and cuts.

Four, magnesium alloy melting, heat preservation and the furnace

1, all the cleaning tools must be cleaned and ladle, after preheating dry completely. In the note slowly into the melting pot.

2, tool surface can't have surrounded by absorption of moisture content.

3, input appropriate flow of shielding gas furnace, and furnace sealed performance is good, make sure that the protective gas supply can't interrupt.

4, to avoid moisture absorption, do not use too long to protect gas pipeline.

5, when join magnesium ingot and other operations, minimize the furnace cover the opening time of the window.

6, boiler stop, only when the crucible temperature below 350 , can switch off the protective gas.

7, to the crucible, should be inspected regularly to prevent crack and rupture of crucible magnesium liquid leakage.

Five, the mechanical processing

Although after die casting, die casting can meet precision requirement, often make some machinery processing, die-casting magnesium alloys with excellent machining performance. Most of the die-casting manufacturers can be mechanical processing. But when handling machining debris, there is a risk of fire. In the magnesium alloy machining, must strictly abide by the safety regulations. Absolutely not in the absence of establishing safety measures processing and other metal processing equipment on magnesium alloy. In machining and processing of magnesium alloy particles, must observe the following provisions:

1, smoking is forbidden.

2, keep cutting blade, cutting Angle and have enough.

3, the use of feed to produce thicker debris.

4, eliminate the burning fire.

5, keep the processing places clean, avoid excessive accumulation of debris.

6, maintain enough fire extinguishing agent (dry sand, cast iron, D type fire extinguisher).

7, use special inhibitory water/oil emulsion agent to reduce the formation of hydrogen, and ensure the sufficient supply of the emulsifier.

8 and processing room must be well ventilated.

9, put wet debris in the ventilation excellent steel barrels, and put away from the location of the machining and die casting.


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