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Tianyao metal die-casting: melting chemical production safety precautions

Number of visits: Date:2016年6月14日 11:50


1) around the melting furnace and the furnace pit, can not have water and debris piled up before the channel should be clear.


2) burden should be clean, not oily be soiled, strict inspection charge, can't exist explosive.


3) various tools should be preheated before use, if use paint should be dry water before using.


4) smelting workers for all kinds of procedures, should be put on a variety of labor protection articles.


5) should be paid attention to when using gas fuel melting:


(1) the operator must be received safety and fire prevention pre-service training, must be familiar with the location of the fire equipment and method of use.


(2) the furnace must be checked thoroughly before, especially to determine without leak and alarm device is effective and correct to begin to work.


(3) check whether the gas pressure is normal before ignition, if there is any abnormal shall notify relevant personnel handle in time.


(4) before ignition air valve is closed, lit the gas and then adjust the ratio of air and gas flow, with bright flame no explosion advisable. After the boiler stop, first close the air, turn off the gas.


(5) often should check whether the pipe is in good condition, if there is any leakage shall notify relevant personnel handle in time.


6. The operator must comply with the safety operating rules of gas burners for standardization work, not for illegal operation.


6) using fuel melting should be paid attention to:


(1) before blowing in should check whether the oil and gas path is normal, check whether the temperature in the hearth to diesel ignition, if at low temperature in the hearth, it must be with artificial lighting. When blow-in, first open the oven door and start the exhaust device. If it doesn't work, it should be sprayed into the furnace fuel venting on the net, in case of an accident, and then the next ignition.


(2) observe smelting condition or stir liquid aluminum processing, must wear protective mask, the operator should stand in the front side.


7) oil storage tank should be placed far away from the fire, so as to avoid fire.


8) carrying liquid aluminum forklift shall, from time to time to ensure safe and reliable. Speed too fast at the time of the aluminum liquid, in case of liquid aluminum splash hurt. Carrying liquid aluminum ladle shoulds not be too full, liquid level from ladle mouth keep 10-15 cm high, to prevent overflow in the transport process.


9) forklift cannot travel faster than 10 km/h, turn or pedestrian would sound a warning. Dumping of liquid aluminum into the holding furnace, want to cooperate with die casting industry, dumping of speed to control at the same time, to prevent the liquid aluminum splash.




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