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Aluminum alloy die casting

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Transnational automobile giants in our country since 2012 has a new engine investment boom, its potential is more and more prosperous, which will effectively promote the development of the acceleration of aluminum alloy die casting.


Auto motorcycle aluminum alloy wheel hub the aluminum alloy wheel production enterprise nearly hundred, aluminum alloy wheel production and export in accelerating growth trend.


Motorcycle production and sales, the motorcycle production reached 21.4435 million, sales of 21.2667 million units. Millions of cars to eight grade enterprises, including large Yangtze river become the first grade 2 million motorcycle enterprises in our country. In the first half of 2007, motorcycle production and sales to rise again, the production of 12.0194 million units, sales of 12.0258 million units. Grand river, half a year through 1.32 million. Motorcycle production and sales continue to grow, effectively support the development of aluminum and magnesium die casting market.


Auto parts market is huge, auto parts exports $25 billion; In the first half of 2012, to $13.169 billion, momentum remains strong. Aluminum alloy die-casting products occupy larger share.


Dongguan tin yiu hardware industrial co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of aluminum alloy die casting enterprise, committed to the die casting production and technological innovation as a whole, for the world top 500 and domestic famous enterprises provide a good service. With the development of the company is magnesium, aluminum alloy die casting production to become the industry leader, technology research and development and product applications. To make tin yiu company product quality management and international standards, the company fast and good development, the ISO quality management certification. Building learning-oriented enterprises, and to [innovation technology, honesty pragmatic, collaboration, hard to realize win-win] the growth of business philosophy, to mature, to fast and good development way, towards internationalization, the scientific management, the enterprise professional goals.


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