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Magnesium alloy die casting, aluminum alloy die casting client application

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CSR zhuzhou electric locomotive research institute co., LTD (CSR zhuzhou institute) is dongguan tin yiu hardware industrial co., LTD. Magnesium alloy die-casting products application partners. The rapid development of CSR lead tin yiu magnesium alloy die casting and aluminum alloy die casting production technology progress.


CSR zhuzhou industry status is outstanding, have powerful strength of qualification and enjoy high reputation, presently for converter technology national engineering research center of the supporting institution, ac drive and control system, urban rail traction equipment localization of fixed-point units, the ministry of railways product quality supervision and inspection center of traction electric equipment inspection of linked units, IEC/TC9 industry standard internally controlled unit, the national rail transit polymer materials and products quality supervision and inspection center, enterprise technology center of hunan province, hunan province, vibration deduction and noise dropping material engineering technology research center, national megawatt wind turbine high-tech industrialization demonstration base of the converter, electric cars, electric drive engineering center of hunan province based on unit, national torch plan key high-tech enterprise, national patent advanced unit, zhuzhou, rail transit of China patent information centre.


Innovation, lead. By CSR zhuzhou will continue adhering to the "integrity, dedication, innovation, beyond" spirit of enterprise, to achieve "three big span" project across the "10 billion" (2010, 2013 elderly "20 billion", 2015, break through the "30 billion"), to become the "electrical equipment and application of new material industry leader, concentric diversification, the perfect combination of assets management and capital operation".


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